Congratulations to Julius Minarik!

We are pleased to announce that Bonita Bay Club’s Julius Minarik, Breezeway Chef de Cuisine, has been awarded the Certified Culinary Administrator(CCA®) designation by the American Culinary Federation.

A CCA® is a culinary professional who demonstrates proficiency in culinary knowledge, leadership, human resources, operational management and business planning skills.

Please join us in congratulating Julius when you see him around the Club.

Congratulations SFPGA BBC Team!

On May 7, the South Florida PGA Foundation had its 9th annual SFPGA Foundation Tire Kingdom Charity Pro-Am at Olde Florida Golf Club. Over $30,000 was raised at this event to support programs administered by the Foundation.

Finishing on top was Bonita Bay Club’s team: Justin Smith, Bob Murphy, Gavin Gillette and Taylor Stewart. Congratulations!

Busting the Myth: Spot Reduction

“I want to get rid of this.  What is the best exercise for that? Or, can you give me one exercise that I can do?”  Most of the time, people are talking about their midsection or their stomach’s as they say, but my answer is always the same no matter what body part they are talking about…  there is no such thing as spot reduction.  Spot reduction is the ability to burn fat selectively off of trouble spots, and unfortunately, area-specific fat loss is a myth. 

Each person has a natural pattern of where fat is added or dropped.  Some people will lose fat from their stomach’s first while others might get slimmer hips or notice it in their faces.  My experience seems to be that the first place you put it on is usually the last place you take it off… but there’s no science behind that.   

What we do know for a fact is that you can’t out exercise a bad diet, so if you want to lose fat, you have to alter your diet.  The good news though is that exercise burns off calories so the more muscles you work (like full-body exercises), the more calories you burn.   If you want more definition in a certain area, you can train those areas (spot toning), but you still have to decrease the body fat or you may never see the results of your work. 

The Classic Lottery

First three in from last year’s waitlist…

David Klein
Ed Caffrey
Ed Novak

141 more from today’s draw…

  1. Frank Mergenthaler
  2. Christopher Shea
  3. Larry Taggart
  4. Rich Dell
  5. John Yedinak
  6. Randy Jones
  7. Bob Webbert
  8. Randy McDevitt
  9. Tom Claffey
  10. Bob Barnes
  11. Bill Clegg
  12. Brad Alspaugh
  13. Chris Shea
  14. Dick Tieva
  15. Richard Johnson
  16. Steve Lee
  17. Tom Kemp
  18. Tim O’Reilly
  19. Phil Ashkettle
  20. Keith Hynes
  21. Leif Nesheim
  22. Larry Pickering
  23. Dave Dutro
  24. Bob Ott
  25. Bill Cadigan
  26. Dennis Wilkie
  27. Terry Mulligan
  28. Mark Clark
  29. Roger Nolan
  30. Dick Etches
  31. Mike Zandlo
  32. Richard Fish
  33. David Kingland
  34. Bob Biggs
  35. Mac Godby
  36. Al Nicholson
  37. Max Lummis
  38. Forrest Frank
  39. Jon Munson
  40. Len Nuzzo
  41. Leo Hansen
  42. Brad Peete
  43. Walt Swiatek
  44. David Treadwell
  45. Gary Pottruff
  46. Ken Auerbach
  47. Henry Bauermester
  48. Ray Hedding
  49. David Wilson
  50. Steve Swigart
  51. Langlyn Capers
  52. Pete Saputo
  53. Donald Young
  54. Charlie Mong
  55. Randy Grow
  56. Ken Kummer
  57. Brian Grant
  58. Marty Klagholz
  59. Richard Neville
  60. Steve Hiatt
  61. Frank Genovese
  62. Kevin Ferraro
  63. Jack Carey
  64. Tom Iversen
  65. Dave Barry
  66. Larry Maddox
  67. Larry Andrews
  68. Richard Bailey
  69. Lee Baumann
  70. Dan Star
  71. George Lucke
  72. David Murphy
  73. David Vander Kam
  74. Frank Hake
  75. John DeMaria
  76. Dewitt Ezell
  77. Bob Hoehn
  78. Craig Hopple
  79. Steve Kneeley
  80. Jeff Guttenberger
  81. Gary Lashley
  82. Brad Seger
  83. David Verner
  84. Tim Dove
  85. Josh Nagin
  86. Wayne Hellman
  87. Steve Pino
  88. Bill Kranec
  89. Al Mettler
  90. Lewis Sfreddo
  91. Matt Wineinger
  92. Peter Waite
  93. Ron Tachuk
  94. Doug Hoogerhyde
  95. Bob Murphy
  96. Bill McSkimming
  97. Kevin Sullivan
  98. Bill Schieffer
  99. Tom Boyle
  100. Kim Shearburn
  101. Joe Hayes
  102. Bob Heyne
  103. David Guidubaldi
  104. Peter Jones
  105. Anthony Vuoto
  106. David Whitman
  107. Chuck Campbell
  108. Jay Johnston
  109. Ray Lenhardt
  110. Brad Wind
  111. Rich Kruzynski
  112. Lewis Nerman
  113. William Jennings
  114. Eric Bumstead
  115. Don Fochtman
  116. Jeff Baker
  117. John Register
  118. Arthur Helgerson
  119. Fred Uehlien
  120. Bill Griffith
  121. Duke Downey
  122. Steve Duffield
  123. Bob Castiglione
  124. Lynn Wolgast
  125. Tom Waterman
  126. Randy Seger
  127. Ron Rogers
  128. Mike Struna
  129. Walt Douglas
  130. Mike Harris
  131. Jim Oberweis
  132. Bill Steere
  133. Alan Pyott
  134. Larry Kellam
  135. Nick Borusiewich
  136. Dick White
  137. Bob King
  138. Joe Binns
  139. Richard Stanis
  140. William Britton
  141. Chris Edwards


  1. Louis Lataif
  2. Dave Heatherly
  3. William Hooper
  4. Chuck Tambornino
  5. David McMahon
  6. Russ Smith
  7. Chris Cummings
  8. Bashar Succar
  9. Richard Stover
  10. Dennis Meteny
  11. Dan Gilbert
  12. Steve Bransfield
  13. Willis Blackwood
  14. Mark Kinard
  15. Vince Murphy
  16. Ray Sutherland
  17. Dan Adams
  18. Paul Muehr
  19. Bill Setterstrom
  20. Michael Andelman
  21. Joe Waterman
  22. Gary Brooks


Steve Kois Advances to Sweet 16 at World Long Drive!

Steve Kois advanced to the Sweet 16 of the Volvik World Long Drive Chmpionship today in Thackervile, Oklahoma.  Today he advanced out of the round of 32 by beating Josh Cassaday and world number 13 Jason Eslinger, winning one match by 10 inches. 
Tomorrow night’s quarterfinals will be broadcast live on the Golf Channel beginning at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time.
“I am really looking forward to this incredible opportunity. The support I have received from the members and staff at Bonita Bay Club has really helped me on this journey,” said Steve.
Congratulations to Steve on what is already a great accomplishment, we are all cheering him on for even greater success!

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