Fall in love with Pickleball

Golf players from all around the country are falling in love with pickleball. The same is true at Bonita Bay Club. Pickleball can be addicting as it’s a great cardio workout in a fun environment.  Many players who try it get hooked because it’s easy to learn but hard to master.

Here is a fascinating article that discusses this: https://www.golfdigest.com/story/is-pickleball-for-you

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Dominique Levin

Pickleball Demo and Exhibition Day

We had a great turnout for Pickleball Demo and Exhibition Day on Saturday afternoon at Bonita Bay Club!

Former Wimbledon Doubles Champion Joanne Russell competed on our courts and so did 17-year-old Noah Waddell in men’s singles and a few other pros, including Bonita Bay Club member Nikki Buckmaster, who are all competing in this week’s US Open. Members enjoyed  testing different paddles from Engage, Selkirk and Paddle tech and also loved watching all the action.

– Dominique Levin 

Pickleball’s elite at BBC

Pickleball’s elite practiced at Bonita Bay Club to prepare for the All Star Challenge. Club member Nikki Buckmaster and pickleball and tennis professional Dominque Levin practiced with the country’s best, including Tyson McGuffin, Christine McGrath and Morgan Evans.