Tips for Planning Your Next Party

All parties, no matter what kind of theme, are similar in the planning. They all require arrangement and coordination. Here are some tips in getting organized to plan a party…

You need to give yourself enough time to plan your party. Generally the amount of time needed depends on the type of party you are planning and how big the party is going to be. Most people don’t like the stress of having to rush things. One of the biggest risks of waiting until the last minute is that some of your guests might not be able to make it due to prior commitments. The last thing you want is for only a few people to be able to make it and then having to reschedule.

You should also decide on the theme early on in the planning process. Once you have decided on a general theme the rest of the planning process will be simpler. A theme helps to make the decisions about what kind of invitations, activities, decorations, and food to have. Also, keep it simple with the theme and something that is easy to tie everything together.

Another factor in planning is deciding on a date your guests are able to attend. Before deciding on a date and time, you may want to check the availablity of close friends and family. Timing is also key. It’s best to decide on a time frame and to let your guests know how long they should expect to be there. A guest list is key – knowing who and how many people are coming will help in making further decisions. I hope these tips will help with the planning of your next party.

Darcy Bodiker
Catering Manager