If you like the elliptical, you should love the Vario

By Andrew Miller
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
BS in Exercise Science

Have you tried the Vario yet? It’s one of my favorite pieces of cardio equipment, but it doesn’t seem as popular in our gym as it is in other gyms. My guess is that most people are so used to the elliptical that they just don’t give the Vario a shot, but here’s what sets the Vario apart from the elliptical and other pieces of cardio equipment.

It is called the Vario because it allows for various movements and various stride accommodations. It can be used as an elliptical, a stepper or an arc trainer/strider..it’s three machines in one. If you like the elliptical, you should love the Vario. It takes the elliptical movement and makes it less mechanical; it smooths it out. It also adapts to different stride lengths for people of different heights.

If you haven’t tried the Vario, give it a go!

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