Croatia Day 1

It wasn’t the red clay or my practice partner’s heavy topspin inside out forehand that gave me trouble today on my first day at the ATP Stadium in Umag, Croatia. It actually was the cold air I inhaled while my practice partner, Manon Kruse, sent me from one corner to the other. Temperatures were in the low 60s while we hit and that’s a bit colder than Bonita Springs air.

The opening ceremony also took my breath away. Walking behind our team’s flag carriers was spectacular as we circled around the stadium to Rocky music.

105 teams from 30 countries participate in the age +35,+40 and +45 categories.

In my youth I never got a chance to represent my country so the fact I get to do it today is a huge honor!

IMG_0985 IMG_1004 IMG_0986

Wish us luck!

Dominique Levin
USPTA Tennis Professional
Bonita Bay Club