The Difference in Tennis Balls

Pro Penn Marathon is Penn’s longest lasting tennis ball.  Why?

  • They feature exclusive Encore™ Technology for a 22% longer lasting core
  • High tenacity LongPlay® Felt for extended play.
  • Smart Optik® high visibility felt treatment for maximum brightness. Smart Optik felt is 19% more visible than a standard tennis ball.

The Smart Optik felt is a proprietary additive.  It is applied during the dyeing process, so the high-visibility dirt-repellent properties are embedded in the felt fibers and last much longer during play.

The Pro Penn balls sold in the Bonita Bay Club Tennis Shop have the Bonita Bay Club official logo on them!

Paula Scheb
Director of Tennis/ USPTA Master Professional

Why you Should Learn to Slide on the Clay

There are many different reasons a player may want to slide on clay.  The biggest reason is to help with recovery time.  When you run and hit a shot, a player will have one or two extra steps they take to recover from the shot.

You must practice learning to slide INTO a shot.  I used picking up balls as my practice opportunities.  I would walk to where the ball was and then slide to pick up the ball.  This way I was not going very fast and was not trying to hit a ball at the same time.

To do this, let your foot slide on the clay and feel the friction of the court.  When you want to stop, transfer the weight forward, towards the ball of your foot and you will stop.

After you learn to slide picking up the ball, you can try it when you are hitting shots.  We are not talking an 8-10 foot slide to get a shot.  It is only a 6-12” and then slide into your shot.

Remember, The slide saves you recovery time and wear and tear on your body!

Paula Scheb
Director of Tennis/ USPTA Master Professional