Meet Diana Dull

Dianna graduated from Lima Technical College with an Associates of Applied Science in Physical Therapy Assistant in 1996. She practiced Physical Therapy in Texas for 19 years before moving back to Florida. She has extensive  training in Myofascial Release, Massage, and Pilates (both mat and  reformer) and Yoga. Dianna takes a gentle, yet effective mind/body/spirit approach to healing.


The Rally to Race

Hi everyone! I haven’t touched a tennis racquet for a week so today it was time to get back in action. Right across from Arthur Ashe Stadium is the Mercedes Benz car display set and they invited fans to play tennis simulator games. I played the Rally to Race game. The challenge of the game was to avoid hitting the moving red circle but to come as close to it as possible. The goal was to make the car at the bottom race to the other side and collect points. 

Watch it here:

Dominique Levin
Assistant Director of Sports

You’ve got TIME

As the most progressive major of all four, the US Open is adding a new feature almost every year. One new addition this year is the serve clock. 

Every match court has one for singles and doubles and players are getting used to seeing the seconds tick down as they prepare for their match.

Between points the chair umpire starts the 25-second clock right after or a few seconds after the previous point has finished.

Some players, like Nick Kyrgios, don’t even come close to using the 25 seconds. But I notice most players let it tick down to 10 or 8 seconds before they start their service motion. Many say they are relieved to see how much time they have left before they need to serve.

We don’t have a serve clock ticking at Bonita Bay Club but taking your time before you serve has huge benefits.

I sometimes see players rushing from point to point without slowing down to connect with their partner or think about the serve strategy for the next point. Rushing makes you physically and mentally tired. 

Remember, just like the pros, you have 25 seconds to plan your next point and establish team unity with your partner.

Skipping that part can make you anxious and unsure. Catch your breath and slow down.

This might be a game changer for your fall matches this season.

-Dominique Levin
Assistant Director of Sports

Louis Armstrong has a Roof!

Every time I return to Billie Jean King National Tennis Center I can admire something new.

The US Open grounds underwent a $600 million renovation project and Louis Armstrong Stadium was the last piece to finish.

Now America’s most impressive tennis grounds have two roofed stadiums.

Arthur Ashe Stadium added its roof in 2016 and now the new Louis Armstrong, named after Queen’s famous jazz musician, also has one.

What a treat for fans who have come to enjoy tennis. Not only will they still get to watch matches when it’s pouring but most will love the shade when the heat is on.

The 95,500 square-foot roof and the upper deck provide plenty of shade for the lower deck. 

Andy Murray practiced his target serving here Sunday in preparation for his match with Australia’s James Duckworth Monday.

Every time he hit a ball can several thousand spectators went wild! 

Dominique Levin
Assistant Director of Sports

Fall in love with Pickleball

Golf players from all around the country are falling in love with pickleball. The same is true at Bonita Bay Club. Pickleball can be addicting as it’s a great cardio workout in a fun environment.  Many players who try it get hooked because it’s easy to learn but hard to master.

Here is a fascinating article that discusses this:

Try one of our Intro to Pickleball classes by calling the Sports Center.

Dominique Levin

Collin Brown – One of Only Six Professionals Certified by Racquetfit in Florida

Collin Brown was recently certified by Racquetfit, an organization that educates and certifies coaches, fitness professionals, and medical practitioners who are dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relationship to the various tennis strokes.  He is one of only 6 certified professionals in the state of Florida and the only certified professional in Southwest Florida.  Congratulations Collin!

About Collin Brown
Collin is an NASM Certified Personal Trainer and TPI Certified Golf Fitness Professional who played Division 1 tennis at FGCU.  He has been with Bonita Bay for the last three years focusing on sport-specific training.  As both a pickleball and tennis player and a former Head Tennis Professional, he brings a unique understanding of what you need to do to transfer improvements in the gym out onto the court.

Congratulations to Julius Minarik!

We are pleased to announce that Bonita Bay Club’s Julius Minarik, Breezeway Chef de Cuisine, has been awarded the Certified Culinary Administrator(CCA®) designation by the American Culinary Federation.

A CCA® is a culinary professional who demonstrates proficiency in culinary knowledge, leadership, human resources, operational management and business planning skills.

Please join us in congratulating Julius when you see him around the Club.

Congratulations to Scott Manard!

We are very pleased to announce that Bonita Bay Club’s Scott Manard, Food and Beverage Manager, has been awarded Certified Sommelier designation by the Court of Master Sommeliers.

The corresponding examination Scott successfully passed is composed of a deductive assessment of four wines tasted “blind”, written theory exam and an intensive beverage service practical performed on multiple esteemed Master Sommeliers (there are only 249 individuals with this distinction in the world).

This process was recently refined to make more challenging due to the surging interest in careers within the wine and beverage industry. Earning the title of Certified Sommelier demonstrates skill in salesmanship, the business of beverage program management, tasting ability, and theoretical understanding of the world of wine and beverage.

Most impressive was Scott’s ability to balance his studies with the many demands of peak-season activity. Please join us in congratulating Scott when you see him around the Club.

Congratulations SFPGA BBC Team!

On May 7, the South Florida PGA Foundation had its 9th annual SFPGA Foundation Tire Kingdom Charity Pro-Am at Olde Florida Golf Club. Over $30,000 was raised at this event to support programs administered by the Foundation.

Finishing on top was Bonita Bay Club’s team: Justin Smith, Bob Murphy, Gavin Gillette and Taylor Stewart. Congratulations!