Wish Bonita Bay Club’s Professional Golf Team Luck!

On July 10th and 11th, Bonita Bay Club’s Professional Golf Team will be participating in the Pro/Pro Championship at TPC Treviso Bay and the Naples Beach Club, hosted by PGA South Florida Section. Justin Smith, with Andrew Filbert from Bonita National, Ric Nayld and Jonathan Sutera, Richie Packish and Fred Fiore, Kyle Heaton with Nick Mariano from Hideout and Brian Glasco and Patrick Gorman from Bent Pine will be among some of the team participants playing at the tournament. Let’s wish them all the best of luck!

Justin Smith Makes Cut at PGA Professional Championship

Congratulations to Justin Smith for making the 36 hole cut at this week’s PGA Professional National Championship.  Justin made a great comeback during the second round, shooting 2 under on his final nine holes to make the cut.  Justin was also highlighted by the Golf Channel when he almost made a hole in one.  Justin did a great job representing Bonita Bay Club in this prestigious event and we’re all very proud of him. Below is Justin’s highlight on the Golf Channel.

Justin Smith Headed to the PGA Professional Championship

Justin Smith, Assistant Golf Professional at Bonita Bay Club, has qualified to play in the 2017 PGA Professional National Championship.  Justin earned his spot in the field as the 1st alternate from the South Florida PGA Section.  His 12th place finish in last fall’s South Florida Section PGA Championship found him tied with six others for the final two qualifying spots.  Justin earned 1st alternate status by way of his finish in the playoff.  The 2017 PGA Professional National Championship will be hosted by Sun River Resort in Sunriver, Oregon on June 18-21, 2017. The field will consist of the top 312 PGA professionals throughout the country competing for 20 spots to head to the 2017 PGA Championship at Quail Hollow. The PNC event will be televised on The Golf Channel beginning June 18-21, 2017.  You can also follow Justin for live scoring on PGA.org.

“This is a tremendous accomplishment for Justin.  He worked hard to become a PGA member and still strives to keep his golf game in competitive shape.  Justin is a great ambassador for the game of golf, and Bonita Bay Club,” said Dan Miles, General Manager of Bonita Bay Club.

All of us here at Bonita Bay Club are excited to have Justin representing the club at this national championship. 

Common Golf-Training Mistakes

By Steve Kois, NASM Personal Trainer & TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor

I nearly always advocate more exercise and movement than less. However, if you’re looking to improve your golf game as a result of your efforts in the gym, some methods are certainly more effective than others and some common pitfalls can hinder your progress.

The number one most common mistake I see in a golfer’s training is moving slowly. The body only adapts to the stimuli you give it. If all of your training and working out is slow, you’re going to move slowly on the golf course. Always be sure to warm up thoroughly but then add some speed to your workout. Medicine ball throws, fast interval cardio, jumping rope, or even swinging a golf club for max speed in both directions will help to increase your speed capacity.

Another big mistake I often see is using partial range of motion when training in the gym. There are very few times you ever want less than full range of motion. Taking the muscle to full flexion and into full extension allows for the greatest muscular development, strengthens tendons, and stimulates maximal blood flow to the worked muscles. Decrease the weight to start and move it in a controlled, full range of motion.

Steve lats

Exercise selection is another major pitfall for golfers. One of the main focuses for anyone looking to improve athletic performance and/or functional independence should be strength. However, it’s more important to have strength in certain muscle groups than others. All movement starts with the core. Core strengthening should be at the top of the list, but be careful not to make the mistake of always being slow when training your core. Stick with big muscle groups. Although biceps curls have a certain allure, you’re more likely to improve your golf game by strengthening your legs. Triceps can be fun to train, but not if it means you’re skipping your shoulders or lats, both of which are essential to a powerful golf swing.

Steve squat

The final most common mistake I see is improper stretching. Never hold a stretch before you workout or play golf. Do that after you’ve exercised those muscles. Before activity, you should be moving. Take a hamstring toe-touch stretch, for example. Instead of bending over and holding it for 30 seconds, bend down in a controlled manner (not bouncing) and reach as far as you can. Stand back up and reach down again, trying to reach a little farther. Repeat that 20 times. It’s very similar to priming a motor before you start it. Also be mindful of which muscles actually need to be stretched and warmed up the most. Hips and shoulders should get extra attention on the warm up side but don’t stretch them too far afterwards. You want to stretch muscles, not tendons or ligaments.

Steve med ball

Check your workout program and see if you can improve it by removing any of these common mistakes. Move fast, use a full range of motion, strengthen the big muscle groups, and stretch appropriately. Remember, how you train your body in the gym dictates how it performs on the course.


On Monday, April 10, 2017, Florida Governor Rick Scott will be visiting Bonita Bay Club to honor the Bonita Bay Veterans Council (BBVC), and other local Veterans. Each honorably discharged veteran will personally be presented with the “Governor’s Veterans Service Award.” The ceremony will be held in the main Ballroom of Bonita Bay Club from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Since inception 2 ½ years ago, the BBVC has assisted over 80 local veterans and their families. BBVC’s support includes payment for medical bills, home repairs, utility costs, rent, mortgage payments, funeral expenses, day care and emergency needs. Last year, the BBVC received a letter from Governor Rick Scott, recognizing and praising the council’s efforts within the local community.

“The Governor’s award and recognition of the Bonita Bay Veterans Council is very important, because it increases awareness of the needs of local veterans in our community. We are extremely honored to receive the ‘Governor’s Veterans Service Award’ for service to our Country,” said Nick Romano, President of BBVC.

Lower Your Golf Score and Elevate Your Fitness Commitment is Key

Tom Carlstrom has been training with NASM Certified Personal Trainer and TPI Certified Golf Fitness Professional, Steve Kois for over six weeks now, and he is hitting the ball between 40 and 50 yards further. Tom says that he has gone from 180 yards on his drive to 230 and beyond and his handicap will drop from 25 to about 17 once his wife’s scores are removed from his account.

He also says that he is a “believer”, but he wasn’t when he first started. “It opened my eyes to my potential despite my getting older,” Mr. Carlstrom said. He goes on, “golf changes when you turn 70…balance, strength and all of that. I appreciate the non-machine workout.”

The Train Like a Pro package which is a six-week commitment to a customized workout program with one of our TPI Certified Golf Fitness Professionals, a movement screen, a customized workout program and 12 one-on-one golf fitness training sessions (two per week for six weeks). Steve feels that committing to the package was one of the biggest reasons that Tom has seen so much improvement. He also tells us that he is seeing similar results in other players who have committed to a package. “The number one factor in the success of any program is committing to the program and adhering to that program,” Steve tells us.

By signing up for the Train Like a Pro package, the member commits to twelve workouts with a Certified Golf Fitness Professional, and the fitness professional oversees their workout. This ensures that the member has proper form for maximal safety, and it also means that the trainer can progress the workouts at the right times, challenging the member to improve over the course of the six weeks.

Additionally, we encourage all of our golf-fitness clients to work with a Golf Professional as well as our Fitness Professional so that the physical improvements that they are making in the gym can be relayed on the golf course. Having a “team of professionals” with the purpose of improving performance is exactly how the PGA Pros get better.

To find out more about golf-specific training and our packages, contact us in the Fitness Center at 495-1937.