The Tennis Shot Clock Has Arrived

Basketball has one, football has one and now tennis has one, too! 

The Tennis Shot clock has officially arrived at the US Open. For the first time, it is being tested in junior girls and boys matches.

After points end, players have 25 seconds to start the new point. It has always been up to the umpire’s discretion to call time violations if players take too long between points. Now there’s a count down clock visible to everyone. If time expired before the ball is in play the server gets a time violation warning. It if happens again they lose points. The pros might adapt that system in the future. 

What does the serve clock look like on court? Watch it here in my video – it’s part of the scoreboard, left of the player. 

Dominique Levin
USPTA Head Tennis Professional

Labor Day Shopping – US Open

Labor Day is the best day to get some US Open shopping done: I tested the Wilson Ultra – so many pros have it! Looks amazing, too!

dominique levin blog pic

Did you know you can customize your Wilson racquet with your favorite colors?

I’m going to get one in black and gold – Go Colorado Buffaloes!

I also had to get Muguruza’s Adidas shoes. They fit amazingly well and look good.dominique levin blog tennis raquetIMG_4257

Marlaine already ordered them for our new pro shop!IMG_4268

Of course, I also had to get a pink US Open towel. No tournament is complete unless I come home with one.

Enjoy the rest of the Open!

Dominique Levin
USPTA Head Tennis Professional


Steve Kois Advances to Sweet 16 at World Long Drive!

Steve Kois advanced to the Sweet 16 of the Volvik World Long Drive Chmpionship today in Thackervile, Oklahoma.  Today he advanced out of the round of 32 by beating Josh Cassaday and world number 13 Jason Eslinger, winning one match by 10 inches. 
Tomorrow night’s quarterfinals will be broadcast live on the Golf Channel beginning at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time.
“I am really looking forward to this incredible opportunity. The support I have received from the members and staff at Bonita Bay Club has really helped me on this journey,” said Steve.
Congratulations to Steve on what is already a great accomplishment, we are all cheering him on for even greater success!

IMG_2792 (1)

Nutrition-Focused Blog Post: Common Mistakes Vegetarians Make

Should I say common “missed steaks” vegetarians make?! With the recent Netflix plant –based documentary “What The Health” propelling so many into a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, it’s important to recognize 3 mistakes to avoid on a vegetarian diet.

1.) Assuming a food labeled “vegetarian” is healthy.

Frozen veggie burgers, nuggets and meat alternatives, are often highly processed, with a long list of artificial ingredients. A meat-derived food item can now be created into a non-meat variety which sometimes comes at the cost of nutrients. While these items are convenient, they aren’t necessarily any healthier than non-vegetarian processed foods. Other meat-free items such as veggie chips, granola bars and what I call “vending machine foods” are often high in calories, yet lacking the protein, fiber and nutrients necessary for a balanced meal.

2.) Eating too many refined carbohydrates.

When a vegetarian diet is not strategically planned, pasta, rice, bread, bagels, and crackers often make up the majority of meals. My suggestion is to first switch to whole grain and whole wheat alternatives. Then, create balanced meals using whole wheat /whole grains products together with plant-based proteins such as beans, lentils, nuts, tofu, and tempeh.

3.) Using cheese as a replacement for meat.

Instead, replace with other plant based proteins rather than the saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol that can be found in cheeses. The key to a successful vegetarian diet is to plan out meals in advance to ensure no nutrient group is left behind (especially vitamin B12, iron and omega-3 fats!).

Are you interested in learning more about how convenient, nutritious and well-balanced a vegetarian diet can be for you? Visit me on Fridays starting October 20th in the Fitness Center. I look forward to meeting you there!

–Cassandra Golden MS, RD, LDN is our dietitian here at Bonita Bay! Cassandra is a Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist in the state of Florida, with a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science and a Masters Degree in Dietetics and Nutrition. Her approach to nutrition is to incorporate research-based recommendations and practical guidelines that can be followed long term.


Player Insight Video – Mannarino’s Lefty Serve

French veteran Adrian Mannarino is known for making it look easy. In this slow motion video of his serve you can see how he’s able to produce tremendous racquet head speed by having a loose grip. But he doesn’t just use power (his average first serve speed is 111mph), he often varies his stance and toss locations to add variety and spins to his arsenal. That way the returner is unable to find a rhythm.

Let’s see how Austrian sensation Dominic Thiem will deal with the lefty serve.

Steve Kois & EJ McDonnell Head to World Long Drive Finals

Bonita Bay Club Fitness Professional, Steve Kois and Director of Golf, EJ McDonnell are headed to the Volvik World Long Drive Championship that begins tomorrow and runs through next Wednesday.

Steve has had a very good summer competing in WLD competitions and is currently ranked 41st in the World Rankings.  He earned an exemption into the World Finals through local and regional qualifying in Memphis at the Bluff City Shootout.  Steve had a great performance at the Bash for Cash tour event held just outside of Niagara Falls, Canada.  He fell in the quarterfinals to eventual champion and current world #3, Justin James.Steve on the Grid in Can

EJ has competed in a few events this summer and just missed earning an eemption into the World Finals while qualifying for the Bash for Cash in Canada.  He made his way into the top 100 of the World Rankings for a couple of weeks and is currently ranked 108th.  EJ will be competing in the last chance qualifier on Friday, hoping to earn one of 24 remaining spots in the field.

EJ on the Grid in NC

Live scoring begins tomorrow morning on the official World Long Drive website and the final two nights will be televised live on the Golf Channel.

Good luck to Steve and EJ as they represent Bonita Bay Club at this exciting World Championship event!EJ & Steve - Strategy

Behind the Scenes at the US Open – TV Land

IMG_4221The TV compound at the US Open or any other major tournament is affectionately called TV land. I work here every year as a graphics operator for the world feed which goes to any TV network who pays for it. In the picture here, you can see the control room for Court 17. Every match on Court 17 gets produced here. I work in unison with the director (left) and the technical director (right). My job is to put match relevant score graphics over pictures and help tell the match story. The computer screen in front of me gets constantly updated with scoring data from the IBM network.  It has hundreds of buttons on different tabs and my job is to push the right ones at the right time. If I push the wrong one the director gets very aggravated, so I try hard to stay focused and make no mistakes (just like tennis!).

For example, a graphic I like to use often for singles matches is a Rally Summary page. It’s a full screen which illustrates who wins the short rallies (0 to 4 shots), medium size rallies (5 to 9 shots) or long rallies (9 or more shots). The commentators love it because it helps them with their match analysis. I have to give the director notice when I use this graphic because it has to be shown over a wide shot so it doesn’t cover anything. It also has to stay in for at least 10-15 seconds so viewers can read all the information. (When I watch sports, I personally hate it when a graphic goes in and out so fast that you don’t have time to read it.)

My days are relatively long. I arrive at 9.30 a.m. to make sure all the bio graphics I need for the warmup sequence are accurate. Matches start at 11 a.m. but we start the pre-match show at 10.30 a.m. I often work 12 hours or longer, depending on how many matches go the full distance. Typically, we will cover four matches per day but sometimes five. 

Seems like a long day? Yes, but I love it and learn so much from every event.

The friendships and relationships I’ve built with TV professionals, umpires, photographers, IBM and ATP staffers will probably last a life time.

Enjoy the Open and stay tuned for more blogs and videos later this week!

Dominique Levin
USPTA Head Tennis Professional

Wish Bonita Bay Club’s Professional Golf Team Luck!

On July 10th and 11th, Bonita Bay Club’s Professional Golf Team will be participating in the Pro/Pro Championship at TPC Treviso Bay and the Naples Beach Club, hosted by PGA South Florida Section. Justin Smith, with Andrew Filbert from Bonita National, Ric Nayld and Jonathan Sutera, Richie Packish and Fred Fiore, Kyle Heaton with Nick Mariano from Hideout and Brian Glasco and Patrick Gorman from Bent Pine will be among some of the team participants playing at the tournament. Let’s wish them all the best of luck!

Justin Smith Makes Cut at PGA Professional Championship

Congratulations to Justin Smith for making the 36 hole cut at this week’s PGA Professional National Championship.  Justin made a great comeback during the second round, shooting 2 under on his final nine holes to make the cut.  Justin was also highlighted by the Golf Channel when he almost made a hole in one.  Justin did a great job representing Bonita Bay Club in this prestigious event and we’re all very proud of him. Below is Justin’s highlight on the Golf Channel.